Enzian FilmSlam this Sunday, September 15

HAPPY 100th post everyone!! 


Enzian FilmSlam. It’s FREE to submit. Tickets are only $5. You get to check out your work on the big screen in front of an audience of people who aren’t (necessarily) your special lady/man friend. There’s aDirector Q&A after the screening, plenty of networking time afterward at Eden Bar… what filmmaker WOULDN’T take advantage of this?!

Filmmakers representing in September’s Slam:

Half A Heart (2013) 
Director/Producer: John Welch and Lukas Dong,  Writer: John Welch, Lukas Dong,  Dennis Kim 
Running Time: 8:09 
Synopsis: Seymour struggles to create a special antidote before it’s too late. But when his condition begins to worsen determination and will are the only things that can save him and the people he loves.

Happy Memories (2013) 
Director/Producer/Writer: Jack Fields 
Running Time: 5:53   Website: http://www.youtube.com/user/doctorbeaumonte 
Synopsis: A cupcake is born from a monster. It is exploited and tortured by a series of terrifying beings. It is torn from the prenatal pastry world, experimented on by 12-dimensional Mathuloxes, and transformed into a new being, perpetuating the cycle of pain and wonder.

Kids (2013)
Director/Writer: Sean Osorio, Producer: Germaine Rigg 
Running Time: 4:54   Website: https://www.facebook.com/Riverbearfilms?fref=ts 
Synopsis: During their lunch break,  three young adults attempt to escape from their mundane lives by recapturing their once lost childhood.

The Leaves That Lay Beneath (2013)
Director/Producer/Writer: W.D. Conine 
Running Time: 9:58   Website: http://www.MagnaParvus.com 
Synopsis: A young woman confronts her apathy after witnessing an abusive couple in public.

Man on the Hill (2013) 
Director/Writer: Gabe Russo, Producer: Whitney Hill 
Running Time: 17:00 
Synopsis: An ethereal, Gothic love story follows a young dead man and a young living woman into the “Dance of Death” for a single, important night.

Girls Night Out (2013) 
Director/Producer: Dale Frohman; Writer: Carl Truesdell & Dale Frohman 
Running Time: 10:30   Website: http://spiderflix.net/our-films/girls-night-out 
Synopsis: Empowered by overcoming a would-be mugger, two girls set out on a Robin Hood style adventure.

Fear Love, Not the Reaper (2013) 
Director: Michael Liesch; Producer: Michael Liesch, Christopher Piner; Writer: Jacob Henry,  Michael Liesch, Christopher Piner, Adam Seebach 
Running Time: 5:05   Website: https://www.facebook.com/FearLoveNotTheReaper 
Synopsis: Nearing the jolliest time of year, a man is gunned down in the comfort of his own home during a breaking and entering.

Last FilmSlam of the year? October 13, 2013. Same Bat time, same Bat channel!

  • October 13, 2013
  • (FilmSlam 2014 begins in December 2013…)

Also notable, the 22nd Annual Brouhaha Film and Video Showcase on November 23 & 24th (which, alongside the Florida Film Festival, preempts FilmSlam). Click this link to find out more information.


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