Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival Sept 6-7

#MIFF2013 Indie film friends, take note! The 15th annual Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival starts tomorrow, Friday, September 6th and runs through the 7th. Florida indie spirit comes alive on the Space Coast with events and screenings such as; Matinee Magic, Fright Night Friday, the MIFF Comedy Show, speciality cocktails and a late night film Grindhouse presentation. Purchase tickets, get directions and download a full schedule at!.



Come see an 18 year old Randy Molnar in his film debut!

This year is a special one for sure. The almost forgotten “Blame it on Florida,” a 60s beach themed film starring a young and carefree Cocoa Beach; back when parking was free and you could park your car in the sand! The film was directed by Brevard Community College alum, Glenn Przyborski.

What I particularly appreciate about this fest is all ticket sales benefit the No Limits Academy, a school for children with physical challenges. Real Food Kitchens, the online show and magazine, will once again be holding a food tasting event with proceeds benefitting The Children’s Hunger Project, “Brevard County’s Backpack Program.

There’s never an excuse to not give back to your community, filmmakers. MIFF is a great example of indie film and community love! See you there!


Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival 2013 – Blame it on Florida! is scheduled for Sept 6-7

August 14th, 2013 (Melbourne, FL) – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE –

The Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival (MIFF) is set for Sept. 6-7, featuring a rarely seen 1969 beach movie shot in Brevard County, Cartoon Network Adult Swim personalities, dozens of quality independent films from around Florida and the globe, and the return of “Real Food Real Kitchens.” The 15th annual event will be held at the Premiere Theaters Oaks Stadium 10, 1800 W. Hibiscus Blvd. in Melbourne, Florida.
Each year, the MIFF brings some of the best independent films to an enthusiastic Florida audience and promotes the filmmaking arts while raising money for good causes. The theme of this year’s event is “Blame it on Florida!” in honor of our exclusive presentation of one of the earliest successful independent films, and it hasn’t been seen in over 35 years. Shot in Brevard County in 1969, Glenn Przyborski’s “Blame It on Florida” features retro surf footage and historical shots of our community while telling the story of two girls on spring break who learn to surf. This year’s film festival is proud to honor the spirit of that film and features spectacular films selected from over 250 entries. The MIFF also takes pride in showcasing Florida filmmakers and local talent. This year will be no exception.
At 3 p.m., the MIFF begins with a 2 hour pre-show called Matinee Magic featuring a slate of excellent short films to build the mood for a weekend of film adventure.
At 5 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 6, Real Food Real Kitchens, the series about family, food, culture and history, will open the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival for the second year in a row. This year, we will be premiering the first episode from Season 2; a new series, “Real Food Real Kitchens Resorts & Vacations”; the recently released Real Food Real Kitchens magazine; and more to be announced. All of this will be followed by a food tasting event with dishes featured on the TV series and in the magazine.

A fantastic horror program entitled Fright Night Friday is sure to scare genre fans and is planned at 7 p.m., headlined by a Florida feature film, Jaime Velez-Soto’s “Rockabilly Zombie Weekend.”

At 9:15 p.m. Friday, the MIFF is proud to feature the triumphant return of comedian Dana Snyder (Master Shake from “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” “Squidbillies”). If you missed it last year, we’re sure you heard about it. He will host a spectacular R-rated comedy show featuring films and performance with special guests Lear Bunda (Adult Swim, “Squidbillies”), Matt Mariska (“Code Monkeys,” “Robot Chicken”), Jon Schnepp (“Metalocalypse,” “The Venture Brothers”), Andy Sipes (“Code Monkeys”), and cocktail-making aficionados Pat Martin and Billy Tracey from Facebook’s “What Are Pat and Billy Drinking?” Also featured are “The Dock Show”, “La Croix Boyz” and exclusive content not yet shown on Adult Swim and Comedy Central.

The evening ends with a late night Grindhouse presentation featuring delicious shorts and Joel Wynkoop’s classic karate “masterpiece” “Lost Faith” at 11 pm.

On Saturday, Sept. 7, the show begins early at 9 a.m. with the Florida Filmmakers Matinee, which will showcase an exceptional selection of short film projects from around the State of Florida.

At 1 p.m., the Meet the Filmmakers Roundtable Q&A will give a chance for the audience to interact with the filmmakers themselves.

At 2 p.m., special guests Zak Knutson (“MILIUS”) and John Schnepp (“The Death of ‘Superman Lives’: What Happened?”) will discuss their film careers and how to make a meaningful documentary for today’s audience and the future.

At 3 p.m., director Zak Knutson presents, by exclusive engagement, “MILIUS – the John Milius Documentary.” Directed by Joey Figueroa and Zak Knutson, the film details the life story of one of the most influential and controversial film directors in the history of Hollywood, John Milius (“Apocalypse Now,” “Jaws,” “Big Wednesday,” “Conan The Barbarian,” “Dirty Harry,” “Red Dawn”).

At 5 p.m., the “World of Spectacular Films” program features a specially chosen selection of international and non-Florida films.

At 6:30 p.m., the red carpet reception begins, and then a program of fantastic shorts will be shown, followed by the awards ceremony. Films include Glenn Przyborski’s 1969 indie classic “Blame It on Florida,” two Academy Award-nominated shorts, Paulette King’s “Betrayal Square,” Steven Shea’s “Fiend Fatale” and more. The VIP reception upstairs afterward features live performances by recording artists Robin & Eddy, delicious food from The Courtyard at the Oaks, and great camaraderie celebrating independent filmmaking.

Tickets will be available at the Premiere Theaters Oaks Stadium 10, or online at The best deal is a $60 pass that gets festival goers into all events all weekend, including the Friday and Saturday night parties. Guests also may purchase tickets for individual events.

All proceeds benefit The No Limits Academy; the Real Food Real Kitchens program will benefit The Children’s Hunger Project.

For more information, go to:
or join us on Facebook

Follow the festival on Twitter @MelbourneIFF.

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