WFTV Reports on Florida’s Entertainment Tax Incentives (and lack thereof)

ICS Producer, Jen Vargas, was invited to be part of this critical conversation last Saturday with WFTV reporter Tim Barber. Also interviewed for this piece was Sheena Fowler, our current Metro Orlando Film Commission President.

We’re curious, filmmakers. A bunch of questions:

  • How many of you make your living in Florida?
  • How many of you make your living outside of the state?
  • What about Florida makes it so desirable for you to stay, or so undesirable that you’re thinking of moving away permanently?
  • How important is it to you to STAY based in Florida?
  • What are YOU personally doing to raise awareness and start a conversation of this situation with your peers?
  • Do you even care to? (WE CERTAINLY HOPE SO! This effects ALL OF US!)

Please feel free to answer below in the comments section or on our Facebook page! Check out WFTV’s full report below…

Mark Simon interviewed by WFTV’s Tim Barber



Legislative Update from Metro Orlando Commissioner Sheena Fowler


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