Help Bring Google Glass to ICS

As some of you may know, in March I was part of a select few invited by Google to join their Google Glass #GlassExplorers program! Testing of the revolutionary Glass headset is hugely limited to only 8,000 users in the United States (for now) until Glass is available to the public for purchase sometime in 2014. (For an up-to-date countrywide map of Glass invitees, click HERE.)

I am currently seeking sponsors to help support this project, and YOU could be one of them! My goal with incorporating this ICS is to produce the first ever field segment shot completely on Glass – among other projects including film, education and helping not-for-profit charities I personally support, most notably; Relay For Life (of Hunter’s Creek) and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer (of Metro Orlando). Have a collaboration project in mind? Pitch it to me! Have $2K burning a hole in your pocket and feel like just giving it away? Feel free to send your entire wallet to me via PayPal using this email address: Have a friend in mind who LOVES this stuff and may want to help out too? Share this blog or the event pages (below) with them! The deadline for sponsorships is THIS SUNDAY, June 16th!

Facebook Event Page:

Google+ Event Page:

You’re probably asking yourself, “What the heck is Google Glass and, as a filmmaker, why should I care? More importantly, will you just give me the $1,500 for my short film?” True, Glass is pricey. You could buy a few GoPro cameras or a light kit from Digital Juice with $1,500. All this said, watch co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin’s TEDTalk from May to see a few of the things Google Glass can do and listen to more of the philosophy behind it…

In his class blog last year, past ICS guest and UCF Film professor Randy Finch asks, ‘What are the creative possibilities for storytellers willing to experiment with Google Glass? Will early-adopters start telling stories that superimpose data or other audio and video information over real scenes? Or will multiple users contribute their content – providing numerous views of one big event (e.g., many cameras covering one experience like a political convention or a protest march in real time – as in the parachute demonstration above)?” Tribeca Film Festival says of Google Glass, “In its self contained way, Google Glass joins the 21st-century notion that everyone is a filmmaker with the more conventionally accepted truth that everyone is an audience.

On a side note, I want to publicly thank the [private] sponsors who are making this exploration and trip possible for me. I am extremely honored to be included in this beta test and incredibly thankful for the kindness – and trust – of all of you. I can’t wait to show you what Glass could do for our filmmaking community!


Project Glass: Live Demo

Glass How-to: Getting Started

My Dreams For Google Glass –

Google Glass from a designer’s perspective –


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