Enzian FilmSlam this Sunday, May 19

Back from a month off after the Florida Film Festival, FilmSlam is BACK!

Enzian FilmSlam is usually held on the second Sunday of each month at 1pm (February and May are the 3rd Sunday due to holidays observed). A few cool things about FilmSlam; it’s FREE to submit, tickets are only $5 AND you get to check out your work on the big screen! There’s also a Director Q&A after the screening and plenty of networking time afterward at Eden Bar.

Probably the coolest thing is, if your film wins the FilmSlam Audience Vote, it will move on to Enzian’s annual Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase. If it wins at Brouhaha, your film will get a guaranteed slot at next year’s Florida Film Festival! Nothing but WIN for you, our dear filmmakers!

Here are the remaining 2013 dates:

June 9, 2013
July 14, 2013
August 11, 2013
September 15, 2013
October 13, 2013


The Drop Off (2013)
Director: Leora M. Chai, Writer & Producer: Leora M. Chai & Brian K Dery
Website: http://www.tripleknotproductions.org/
Running Time: 15 mins
Synopsis: When a mom does the unthinkable to her only child, he is left alone in a park to deal with the difficulties of living with autism while encountering teen bullying.

Tysis (2013)
Director & Writer: Chris Beemer, Producer: Chelsie Holler
Website: http://www.tysismovie.com/
Running Time: 10:17
Synopsis: Special Forces Sergeant John Anderton faces an almost supernatural foe from his military past.

Killer 3D (2012)
Director & Writer Steve Vallo, Producer: Steve Vallo, Donald E. Reynolds, Ted Souppa, Christie Vallo
Website http://www.stevevallo.com/
Running Time 8 min.
Synopsis: Killer 3D is an intense trip into the underworld of drug dealers and hitmen.

Your Street – Sherisse Rose (2013)
Director: Manny Cortinas, Writer: Sherisse Rose, Producer: Vincent DeMarco
Website: http://DemarcoFilms.com/
Running Time: 5:09 min
Synopsis: A song about letting go. Its intention is to share an experience once perceived as painful and heart-breaking, and elevated to gratitude and empowerment.

1910 (2012)
Director, Writer, Producer: Carl Knickerbocker
Website: http://www.carlknickerbocker.com/
Running Time: 2:10
Synopsis: The Magmart group in Naples, Italy, invited artists to interpret a randomly assigned year from the 20th century. This is 1910.

Conversations with The Devil (2013)
Director: Ken Barr & Dean R. Baker, Writer: Ken Barr, Producer: Ken Barr Films / Post FX Digital Studios
Website: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Conversations-With-The-Devil/592292904118155?ref=hl
Running Time: 9:15
Synopsis: In a seedy bar a lone barfly is met by someone claiming to be the devil. Their conversation that day changes the course of both their lives.

[ICS Alumni film!] Star Wars Droids: The Jawa Adventure (2012)
Director & Writer: Brad Murphy, Producer: DAVE School
Website: https://www.daveschool.com/
Running Time: 6:22
Synopsis: C-3PO and R2-D2 embark on a rollicking adventure when Jawas hijack an experimental Mon Calamari starship.


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Multimedia Producer. Social Media Advocate. Filmmaker. Volunteer. I am the Producer and Host of the monthly Florida filmmaker screening series, FilmSlam at Enzian Theater, and Managing Editor of one of Central Florida's oldest, most trusted websites, the award-winning CentralFloridaTop5.com! I am also a proud committee member of the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, a member of the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer's Florida State Advisory Committee, Orlando Tech Association Marketing Committee, Valencia College's Digital Media Advisory Board, as well as on several Film Florida committees. Additionally, I am a Google #GlassExplorer, techie, purple lover and #caregiver. View all posts by jenvargas

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