Podcast: Florida Film Festival 2013 Day 4

Day 4 of the Florida Film Festival was VERY filling thanks to Joe Esposito and the crew from Buca di Beppo of Maitland, Florida! We went a little longer again, did a little dancing, got a little devine, Eden Bar got a little loud… and we loved every minute of it! Fernando thinks our podcast should be named “Shout Outs and Apologies,” so we’re going with that. Thoughts? Concerns? Are you digging us? Is anyone listening? Why is the sky blue?

Joining us on Day 4; ICS Hostess Christina Carmona, panda loving ICS Photographer Nando Torres (of Atomic Phoenix Photography), ICS Production Assistant/Gaffer/Sound/Miscellaneous Wrangler Dangerous David Kuskie, Producer Jen Vargas (who got a solid 6 hours of sleep!) and a very brief, distant cameo from artist Kate Ramsey and her documentary film director mister, Chris. Thank you for listening to us ramble. We appreciate you!

Listen HERE: https://archive.org/details/ICSFFFPodcastDay4

Shout outs to:

Apologies to:

  • Everyone listening past the 30 minute mark
  • Glenn Danzig
  • Anyone who ISN’T at the 2013 Florida Film Festival
  • Irony

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Multimedia Producer. Social Media Advocate. Filmmaker. Volunteer. I am the Producer and Host of the monthly Florida filmmaker screening series, FilmSlam at Enzian Theater, and Managing Editor of one of Central Florida's oldest, most trusted websites, the award-winning CentralFloridaTop5.com! I am also a proud committee member of the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, a member of the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer's Florida State Advisory Committee, Orlando Tech Association Marketing Committee, Valencia College's Digital Media Advisory Board, as well as on several Film Florida committees. Additionally, I am a Google #GlassExplorer, techie, purple lover and #caregiver. View all posts by jenvargas

One response to “Podcast: Florida Film Festival 2013 Day 4

  • Dr. J

    I am in Nebraska right now. It is -45 (my estimate), and we are in a winter hellscape (cold hard facts). Listening to the last four hours (wait….66 minutes?) has whisked me away to where people in 70 degree weather deem it “chilly”, movies are celebrated, and weird sweet/savory combinations are debated in a free exchange of ideas. I needed this, seriously…fun show, love the “on-location” sound. I’m onboard for the rest of these, assuming a shout-out can be arranged at some point. I know how selective you guys are. Also: I recommend conducting the Tippi Hedren interview away from jungle jims, Bays, uptight schoolteachers, farmers missing one or more eyes, etc etc etc.

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