Polaroid Launches Fotobar

A trusted global brand for over 75 years, Polaroid is best known for pioneering instant photography. Later today, Polaroid reinvents itself for the digital age by launching the first of eleven retail stores called Fotobar, which features a first of its kind experimental in-store environment which affords customers a touch and see experience.

Each store will be staffed with “Phototenders” who will guide customers in creating the ultimate art piece as captured on their mobile phone, Instagram or other digital platforms (aka smartphoneography). The cool thing about this venture? The very first store is opening right here in Florida! Delray Beach to be exact.

Jen's Community Wall Foto

Jen’s Community Wall Foto


Also nifty, one of my personal photos was chosen to be part of the inaugural Community Wall which, geographically and physically, is the heart of the store itself. Last night 75% of our Field Team went to Fotobar (we missed you Jay!) to experience it all ahead of today’s grand opening, and we were blown away! Among the highlights:

  • The FotoShoot room, where photography classes, photo sessions and private parties will take place.
  • $1 Polaroid prints, printed beautifully on a very, VERY thick, matte cardstock
  • Merch! Polaroid t-shirts, pens that flash and water at the bar – they let you keep the coaster!
  • You can print an image Polaroid sized or as large as 4′ x 7′ on paper, lucite, acrylic, wood, bamboo and metal. Metal?? METAL!

What exactly does this have to do with indie cinema or the show? Not much… yet. [However, folks at Polaroid, our show is also innovative. Check out how we shoot Thoughts From The Popcorn Gallery – we’re open for anything!]

But to be sporting, I could note most casting agents are very familiar with Polaroid cameras especially in auditions… and staplers for that matter. I could stretch it even further and ask you if you remember the Polavision instant movie camera invented waaaaay back in 1977 (which was a very good year by the way) but most of you are probably too young to remember or weren’t even born yet. Despite this, I’m pretty sure all of you have handled an old school Polaroid camera at least once in your lives, or your parents have a Polaroid image of you as a youngerster!


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