ICS BTS: Thoughts From the Popcorn Gallery

Did you know… 

Our popular “Thoughts From the Popcorn Gallery discussion segment, where we feature local filmmakers and their opinions on other local films, is shot using two iPhone 4S? Even cooler, we utilize a couple of apps and a few nifty mobile accessories too!


Image: Atomic Phoenix Photography

Season Three began a renaissance of sorts for Florida’s only television (NOT web)show about filmmakers, their films, talent and crew. Among one of the greatest changes was revamping our ‘Popcorn Gallery‘ segment. We ventured out of our wonderful Orange/VISION TV studio space and into a place that made the most sense – A MOVIE THEATER! Enzian Theater in Maitland to be exact, and we couldn’t be happier! Enzian “…exists to entertain, inspire, educate, and connect the community through film,” and so do we. So it only made sense to have Central Florida’s only full-time, non-for-profit alternative cinema as this segment’s sponsor. With the enthusiastic blessing of Enzian, ‘Popcorn Gallery‘ began its new life!

To set this segment apart, we wanted to show that it IS possible to shoot quality things using alternative means. Since nearly everyone, including DSLR trailblazer Philip Bloom [look for our interview with Philip and Austrian filmmaker Nino Leitner, AAC soon] and the Emmy-Award Winning tv show House M.D. (among others) – have embraced DSLR technology, we wanted to take this thinking a step further… or smaller?

Two of us had an iPhone 4S handy. Our Executive Producer, Emmy-Award Winner Gerald Godbout III, had recently purchased two of Tiffen’s Steadicam Smoothees. So, as a test, we shot the first 3 episodes of ‘Popcorn‘ using iPhone’s native Camera app to a GREAT result. For our next set of tapings, we pitched our idea to OlloClip (a 3-in-1 lens attachment for iPhone 4/4S/5/iPod Touch) who graciously sent us one to try. At the suggestion of local filmmaker and owner of Worteks Pictures, Willie Sheely, we also added the FiLMiC PRO app to our ongoing experiment. Add some lighting, two boom mics for sync sound and TADA! Insta-segment, just add panelists! Season Three is available to view in full episode form on our YouTube Channel. (Channel Keyword: Detourec.)

And the proof, they say, is in the virtual puddin’. Check out the video CNN Money recently posted about Academy Award Nominated Documentary, “Searching For Sugar Man.” When the production ran out of money, the director decided to use Nexvio’s Vintage 8mm Camera App to finish his film. (JenNote: JJ Abrams’ film “Super 8” spawned a similar 8mm app in 2011 which is just as fun… and FREE!)

(Special thanks to our friends at MusicBox Films for the inspiration!)

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