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Episode #7: Filmmaker Spotlight w/ Christopher Ramsey, Nick Ruff & Bill Suchy

From the YouTube Archives (in honor of Christopher Ramsey’s birthday…):

Hosts John Theisen and Tim An­der­son wel­come Documentary Filmmaker Christopher Ramsey of Smith Street Productions. We feature short film, Dust and Mud by Nick Ruff and documentary feature trailer, Jerry Uelsmann: Visual Poetry by Emmy Award Winner and Oscar Nominee, Bill Suchy.

Ramsey’s latest project, Marching to Sanford, was co-produced with local filmmaker and creative writer, JP Eason (Big Seed Productions). The film follows a group of students on a three-day, forty-mile march from Daytona to Sanford in protest of the Trayvon Martin shooting. As they walk, the film captures the passion surrounding the case, through the eyes of students gathering from around the country in solidarity for the Martin Family. On the march, students face physical strain, intense media scrutiny, and grapple with issues of modern day racism as they are denied entry to a gas station en route Sanford.

One year later, on the anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death, this story is still in the public eye as the judicial process continues to unfold. This tragedy has sparked a larger national conversation about race in the 21st century and, through the film, the voices of these marchers offer a unique glimpse into the heart of the issue.

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